Life Principles

"Don't waste any more time arguing about what a good person should be.
Become one yourself." – Marcus Aurelius

Daily Endurance and our products focus on nutrition, but nutrition is always embedded in life. Below we present our guiding principles for life because it is fundamental to the products we create, why we do what we do and how we do it. They are all about how you want to be perceived in the world and what rules guide our decisions, because our path seems clearer once we have a compass for decision-making.

These are principles that require no talent and will advance you in anything you attempt.

Our 5 life principles

(1) Persistent

One of the first lessons in statistics is Bayes' theorem. Bayes' theorem describes the probability of an event based on prior knowledge of conditions that might be related to the event.

Depending on what further information we get, the probability of further events changes. It's the same in life. Life is not static, it is a dynamic system. Here, too, it is necessary to dynamically integrate new information into life and to be honest with oneself and to change one's decisions on the basis of this.

Taking Bayes' theorem one step further, it is linked to chaos theory. Very small changes in the initial position of a chaotic system make a big difference over time. For example, the chaos theory can be represented well using the weather. Even small changes there can trigger a storm and completely change the weather forecast for the near future. Then the event often seems to be random. But even then there are still patterns with a sequence behind them.

The events in a life remind us of this and one can see oneself as the starting point of this pattern. We like to think we can control every variable around us, but we can't. Life is a game of probabilities.

The fact that you get a result does not mean that the process was correct. For example, you might have invested all your savings in the bitcoin boom. Does that mean you are an investment expert? Probably not. Let's call it luck. I call it a probabilistic game. And you win the game by changing the odds in your favor. There are surprises in life that we sometimes have little control over and that can make us change direction. However, persistence remains a variable within our control, through which we can increase the overall probability of success in our favour.

Your business might fail, your girlfriend or boyfriend might leave you, you might get kicked out of your house, you might lose all your money, you might lose your job, someone you love might die tomorrow, but after every hit you can decide to try to keep going, to put one step in front of the other. Today this is also called resilience. We call it endurance.

Patience is a virtue, but perseverance until success is a blessing.

It all starts with you. With your body, your energy and your choices. The only thing under your control is you and your vision.

(2) Be your own hero

We try to manage with the least amount of effort and we are proud of it. We are looking for someone or something to fill an emptiness within us, to complete us. But the only thing we do is free ourselves from responsibility.

Taking responsibility for our actions can be incredibly difficult. Mistakes and mistakes are part of progress. We have to be careful about associating our identity with being incredibly smart or powerful because we start to get scared. Fear of not being able to keep up with the image we have of ourselves. Because then we will be stuck sooner or later. There is no progress without obstacles.

When we take our decisions into our own hands, our lives are no longer left to chance alone. We can grab the steering wheel and drive anywhere we want because there's nothing to lose. We don't need more. Now the journey begins.

Now we move on the basis of our own desires, our own way. And that's the moment to ask yourself, "What is the person you want to be that you would be proud of?"

pursuit of excellence.

Excellence in the sense that every time you commit yourself to a task, you will perform above and beyond expectations. It doesn't matter if it's work, sports, street sweeping or the famous dish washing. It's about a commitment to yourself to do whatever it takes to get the job done. No matter how it turns out. At some point you have to decide that everything you create in this world will be great. In the corporate context, this is called the reputation of the company that is built on it; just as everyone has it and everyone builds it themselves.

To be able to say at the end: "I'm proud of the person I've become".

Become your own hero

(3) Curiosity over skepticism

Keep learning and improving. Explore, play and move on. Don't follow the crowds, listen to your own inner desires.

The moment we think we're smart, successful, or better than others, we stop our curious mind from exploring further.

It seems to us that many confuse skepticism with intelligence. But skepticism is not intelligence. It is a sign of insecurity. We would rather replace skepticism with infinite curiosity. This is a true miracle, this is the majesty of life in its full bloom.

What keeps the mind flexible is to follow our own inquisitive desires.

(4) Ready to use

"All cruelty springs from weakness." - Seneca

It all starts with you.

We neglect ourselves in the pursuit of material "goods". We focus on technology to replace a part of ourselves. We waste time looking for pleasure. We have lost touch with what makes us human.

But we sometimes forget that the better we get, the more energetic we have, and the better we feel inside, the more we can give and progress.

I'm not against overtime, hard training, or the occasional imbalance. But life works in cycles. There is time for achievement and there is time for reflection.

Life is an endless game. An infinite game is defined by the fact that there are no predetermined rules in the game. There is no competition and there are no winners or losers. There are no KPIs and no metrics for success. It's only you. You are part of the game until you fold.

Once we start seeing life as an endless game, we realize that the only thing that matters is your being. How you show yourself to the world. You are nothing and everything at the same time. In order to be able to make a change and improve your circumstances, YOU must become the person who is capable of it.

At Daily Endurance, we give you the tools to become capable.

Always be operational

(5) Live to serve

This was and still is one of the hardest and most demanding values. Once you realize that nothing you do is actually for you, you can see where true wellness lies.

We live to serve.

This well-being is not measured by the people you reach, but is related to your intentions and your integrity. People call it fulfillment, vision, gratitude, or contentment. We call it servitude.

Imagine a world where everyone wants to contribute to something bigger and better than themselves. A personal mission to move the world forward.

It might be becoming a great leader, creating a great product, fighting for the environment, or becoming a great parent, but it starts with stopping to focus on yourself.